Forrest Villa Athirapilly - Athirappally - Kerala


Hotel Class: River Resort

Forrest Villa Athirapilly, Athirappally, Kerala, India

Forrest Villa Athirapally / Athirappilly is located near the Waterfalls. There are only 50 mts to the River and it is best suitable for swimming.  It is having  8 bedrooms and a 13 bedded dormitory. There are so many famous resorts nearby.  This resort is very ideal for families and small groups for an affordable stay. 

Athirappally and Vazhachal are among the most majestic waterfalls in Kerala. These picturesque locations have attracted people for ages with their lush greenery and stunning views. At Athirappally, one can see the water crashing into the Chalakkudy river after an 80 ft. journey. A cool spray takes over the terrain and people are left enchanted at this natural wonder that presents a stunning backdrop. 

Vazhachal has exotic fauna on display that has people forming a beeline to visit throughout the year. Rare bird sightings, including rare species of the hornbill, make it a bird lover’s paradise. We invite you to use this marvelous wonder as the perfect backdrop for an adventurous trip. The natural beauty presents an ideal shooting location that will surely mesmerize any who sees it. 


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Rooms and Details

Deluxe A/C Suite- (1 Nos)

This room is having 85 sq ft